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May 10, 2010
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Sumo Eastern Dragon by DragonHeart-Orange Sumo Eastern Dragon by DragonHeart-Orange
My thoughts on this piece also revolve around the thoughts I had with Semi-Retired Dragon so see that if you want to see my self-assuring rant.

For this piece, I wanted to make something that wasn't just "Hey, I'm a dragon and I want to get fat because that would make me happy" like my last one, I wanted an actual story. Not an incredibly believable one, but close enough I guess. You can look at this whole thing without needing a story and still get close to the idea, but... you know. I like that sorta shit.

One day, an Eastern Dragon summoned up the courage to take steps towards his life-long dream (which like most life-long dreams were probably made up a week ago) and become the first Eastern Dragon sumo wrestler. There's a reason why there weren't any Eastern Dragon sumo wrestlers out there already though. Eastern Dragons were revered and known quite commonly through their serpent-like figure. The idea of a large dragon wrestling with other humans seemed to both foolish and dishonorable. Not this dragon though, he wanted to get the fame one could only get through being morbidly overweight and wearing diaper-like tights. Not surprisingly, the heads of the sumo league didn't sponsor his attempts to make it into the league or even allow him to join a sumo stable. So, he had to make it to the amateur leagues by himself. He started by splurging what remained of his last paycheck not only to buy tons of ice cream and delicious fattening foods like that, but also some adult diapers. It wasn't pretty being at the bottom, but things needed to be done. (Although ironically enough, he didn't actually NEED to wear them, Eastern Dragons had no visible genitals... He wasn't the smartest dragon in the world.) He looked himself in the mirror, gave a strong pose and then said a few self-assuring words: "I'm doomed." (Panel 1)
HOWEVER, this dragon wasn't doomed! As it turned out, his serpent like body gave no resistance to the huge amount of junk foods and soon the tightly gripped diaper seemed likely to give way under the newly developed flab. Such good a ten pack of those things were... didn't even last two days. (Panel 2)
The Eastern Dragon went out into the market district and bought some fabric to fashion a mawashi for himself since the league wouldn't provide one. After returning home and making a passable mawashi, he realized he was feeling a bit peckish and decided to see a friend of his at a Sushi counter. The two had been good friends for years and the dragon's friend wasn't surprised to see him in a mawashi at all. The dragon asked his friend for the most fattening thing on the menu, his friend replied that they didn't really have one. So, he had to make one up. A sampler of sushi, topped off by a whole fish with ice cream, some whipped cream, and a cherry on top. When asked to pay, the dragon replied that he had quit his job. The friend decided to make an IOU system. He would keep serving him fattening foods (three a week and not all at once, so his boss doesn't get suspicious.) in exchange that he would owe him something for each one. A bit desperate and motivated by his mound of a stomach, the dragon agreed. (Panel 3)
Finishing off his meal, the dragon found that his mawashi, which felt a bit loose, now hung on by the sheer pressure of his bloated belly and butt. And that was only after loosening. Then, he realized something; his chance into the league. They were having an amateur sumo tournament coming up, the prize was a sponsorship, perfect for young men who weren't considered "great" by the league to prove themselves. The challenge was set. (Panel 4)
The Eastern Dragon suddenly found himself with the proper amount of money for the competition (and of course, didn't pay back his friend) and surprisingly enough, found no resistance to him entering the tournament. He was put into the heavyweight category (he was actually a bit thinner then most of the heavyweight competitors, but the scales added up.) and to the surprise of everyone, including himself, swept the tournament! (Panels 5 and 6)
As promised, the young dragon found himself a sponsor, someone excited to have an Eastern Dragon in the sumo league. His big chance into the league itself laid in a match against the league's choice in the upcoming tournament in a few weeks. The dragon decided to upgrade his apartment, now that he was in this for the long run. A bigger bathtub, a bigger fridge, a reinforced floor and furniture, a comfy bed, everything an inspiring gainer would want. Within a few days, the dragon noticed something strange about his chest, no longer did the fat lay around his neck, stomach and posterior, but now, on his chest, and just as soft. Moobs, as they were called by the internet society. It was a bit embarrassing to the young dragon, not really knowing that it was perfectly normal. His way to combat this wasn't... well, it wasn't very effective. (Panels 7 and 8)
Another week passed, given the amount of money his sponsor had given him to live off of, his waistline easily tripled in size. Now everything about him was big, even his originally thin fleshy whiskers had a layer of flab on them. His brassieres stopped containing his moobs fast enough and his mawashis never seemed fit properly anymore. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was incredibly pleased with his new rotund shape. This was bound to get him noticed. (Panels 9 and 10)
And it did. An old friend of his was in the area and heard of him, although not seeming to notice that he was mentioned as a sumo wrestler; so she decided to stop by. She quickly realized from shock that their games of tag weren't going to happen anymore. (Panel 11)
"You're a sumo wrestler?!"
"It was my dream! Remember? I wanted to be the first Eastern Dragon sumo wrestler!"
"I thought you wanted to be a construction work-"
"NO NO! I wanted to be a sumo wrest-"
"You do know that sumo wrestlers die relatively young due to heart defects and shit like that, right?"
"I mean, I'm sure you're fine with that if you're THIS huge right now."
"At least you're in the league though, dream fulfilled, huh?"
"...Well... I'm still an amateur..."
"...You know... that belly's actually really cute on you."
"Honestly, I hated how we're all so fucking anorexic. I mean, sure there's benefits to it, but we're ALL THE SAME."
"Anyways, glad to see you're doing well... I'll stop by some more... You'll be around right?"
"...HUH?!?!" (Panel 12)
She kept to her promise and visited him a few times a week. She was surprised that his interests had changed from playing to eating all the time. Being the mischievous sort, she constantly stole his food when he least suspected it and led him for a chase around his apartment, always ending with him having an asthma attack. He got back at her by sitting on her when SHE least suspected it. It elevated from there, but they remained lovingly hating one another, just like when they were kids. But, they weren't kids anymore, as time went on, her visits became more frequent, and when they looked into each other's eyes, they saw something they hadn't seen for years. One thing went to another... (Panels 13 and 14)
It was the big day! The upcoming Eastern Dragon vs the league's choice, and reigning champ of the amateur circuit, Yokohoma! The match was brutal and lasted for a good ten seconds. (Which is actually a while in some senses) Standing victorious: the challenger! The Eastern Dragon's new girlfriend rushed onto the arena (much to the dismay of sumo purists) and celebrated with her love about his mighty victory.
"So, how's it feel to be the first professional Eastern Dragon sumo wrestler?"
"Eh, doesn't taste as good as I thought it would."
The two got into an embrace and kissed each other.
"That's better." (Panels 15 and 16)

This isn't a "sketch" comic like my last one, although it's mighty close. I drew 16 different pages worth of drawings (All of them turning out to be bigger then what could fit in my scanner barely.) and I had fun with it most of all.

Go ahead and critique away, I'm sure there's loads of problems, but I don't mind.

The quality isn't too good, which is probably because I scanned on a low PSI, but I'm not changing that people ask
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Arankor Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
Intersting piece, though i normally stay away from infaltion (It's just not my thing really), it's sumo so it's justifiable.

The story was probably interesting, I didn't read the whole thing because huge undivided blocks of text makes my brain go :iconderpplz:.
Though overall it's a good comic/drawing.
DragonHeart-Orange Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
Hell, it's okay. I really could care less if you don't care for it. Even if it is inflation or of that like, sometimes people just like to see a little bit of caring for such a thing. (Some are just fap material without any skill though, so it's best to know the artist first.)

I can divide it up if you're interested at all.

Arankor Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
It's up to you if you want to divide it up or not really. Myself? I don't really have much of an opinion on the matter.
DragonHeart-Orange Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
I'll do it then.
Arankor Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
rwwatcher Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
lol. ^_^
DragonHeart-Orange Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
Really? Huh? Wasn't expecting that really. XD

Anything you liked in particular?
rwwatcher Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
ok, i liked the main idea, but i think it needs details...

i think that you sorta jumped foward on panels 5 and 6, i'd like to know the major wreslting matches that affected the sumo eastern dragon closely (i'd think that the 1st and the last would be the most important, but idk)

i'd like to know specficly what happened during the sumo match against Yokohoma

Asthma attacks can send people to the hospital. idk if it applies to sumo eastern dragons, but its just a thought.

I liked the fact that an eastern dragon (which normally are thin) is trying to gain weight to become a sumo wrestler. i liked the romance within the comic as well, but then again i'd need details.

I know that this was a sketch, but those were some things that i saw.
DragonHeart-Orange Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
Well, I jumped forward in those panels because they weren't exactly important to the plot itself, just a moment where the dragon is doing what he wanted to do, be a sumo wrestler. Not just eating all the time. Sumo matches are short and honestly, not always interesting, plus trying to convert any of that interest into a panel is incredibly difficult to do properly. Or... simply not interesting.

As I said in the last paragraph, sumo matches are short and not always interesting. This may be a big match, but the dragon did easily win it. (Plus at this point I wanted to get close to finishing.)

I like to incorporate some ideas of realism in my fantasy, I've had a few times where I thought "Huh, maybe I should have a moment where the dragon suffers from his sudden weight gain" but I thought that panel 12 did it pretty well...

Okay, I wanted to get done at that point too, but that's not the whole reason why.

Anyways, thanks for critiquing my work! I really love it when people do. =D
holodrom Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
Fun story to go along with the comic man! It was dauntingly huge, but pretty entertaining.

And I have to say, your anatomy is pretty good. Nothing really I could say about it that would be like... useful.

Anyways, I liked it! 'Twas cute.
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